Best Collaboration

Prize pool: one winner. Prize 100 000 rubles.


- Pre-registration only.
- Participation fee - 3000 rubles per model.
- Application deadline: until March 1, 2020 (Moscow), May 15, 2020 (St. Petersburg)

Registration details:

- A picture of the tattoo and a few photographs of the process are required.
- The first photograph must show the creation of a sketch/freehand, the next few photos must be intermediate tattooing sessions with each collaborator. In addition to photos, short videos are also welcomed.


- Two or more masters.



- Complete body part, any of the proposed patterns shown on the next slide.

Time of execution:

- Not regulated.
- Tattoo artists can tattoo together or separately
- The number of sessions is not limited..
- Term of the last tattoo session: March 4 - Moscow and May 20 - St. Petersburg.
- Attention! The project should be completed in full healing!

The nomination is valid if there are 15 model competitors in the category. Otherwise, the nomination is canceled.

Contest Regulations.

- A tattoo artist may exhibit no more than three collaborations with different tattoo artists at the same festival within the framework of the category..
- The competition is open to works that have not previously participated in other tattoo conventions of 2020 in the category "Best Collaboration".
- If a tattoo artist who previously won prizes in any tattoo festivals, works with a tattoo artist who does not have awards, the work is awarded an extra point.
- Collaborations that provide a video (one minute or shorter) about the creation of a project (step-by-step) will receive an additional point plus rotation of the clip on the Tattoo Festival's online resources.

Evaluation criteria:

The scale is not a decisive aspect of the evaluation!

1. The author's component - the readable style of each tattoo artist.
2. Accuracy of drawing (no injuries) - the tattoo is examined on the presence of empty spots, keloid scars, and the 'floating' pigment under a skin.
3. Harmonious perception of tattoos and body, the dynamics and treatment of individual anatomical forms of the model, as well as the fit with proportions of the body are taken into account.
4. Purity and logic of tattoo's transitions from each author-participant of collaboration.
5. The plot that unifies the collaboration..
6. Application technique / Cleanliness of all tattoo details.

Questions on partnership and sponsorship of the Festival:
See you at the Festival!