Ìàãàçèíàì îäåæäû, ïèðñèíãà è þâåëèðíûì ìàãàçèíàì

Dear guests,

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 15th International Saint-Petersburg Tattoo Festival!

We believe the 15th International Saint-Petersburg Tattoo Festival will be an important and meaningful event, bringing together tattooists and machine builders from all over the world and contributing to a better understanding of tattoo art by people of the modern world as well as responsibility for increasing level of mastership of tattoo artists.

You will enjoy the spectacular atmosphere of the fest, experience thrilling competition spirit and acquire new business relations. Our professional team will do their best to provide you with the highest possible quality service, which will allow you to get a true pleasure working on the event.

Registration process:

Please fill the application form below. Applications should be sent by email to nazimova@inbox.ru

There are 3 typical types of booth available for your selection. Each booth has electricity, spot lamps (lights), hanger, wastepaper basket, local security and cleaning services are provided. You can rent an additional equipment and furniture as well.

        Booth # 1 (4 m2.)

   Booth # 2 (6 m2.)


       0,5m x 1,2 m – 1pcs,

      0,7m x 0,7m – 1pcs.

  0,5m x 1,2m – 1pcs,

 0,7m x 0,7m – 2pcs.


    3 pcs.

 4 pc.

Spot lamps (lights )

    1 pcs.

 1 pcs.

Power supply, AC, 220V

    1 pcs (3 sockets)

  1 pcs (3 sockets)

Booth Price:

     250 Euro

  450 Euro


·Organizers reserve their right to select the booth place, which is allocated to the exhibitor.

·Distribution of tattoo making equipment, materials and other professional goods should be negotiated with organizers.

·Application becomes valid after receiving the registration fee and 50% deposit of the booth price from the exhibitor.

·The balance to be paid by the 1st of April 2017.

See you at Saint-Petersburg!

Yours faithfully,  Olga Nazimova.