Participation for clothes and jewelry brands

We are happy to greet all the exponents at Sankt-Peterburg Tattoo Festival!

If you have any questions about exhibition stands rent feel free to contact our international manager Anna Bondaruk. Please, fill the application form, providing all the links to the tattoo artists media resources. Then we will need you to send the form to, enclosing 5 photos of the brand products and logo to be used as an avatar.

Download the application form

Download the conditions of participation

Tel.: +7-904-638-99-49 
international manager

Anna Bondaruk:

Dear fellows

We are pleased and excited to welcome you at the annual International Tattoo Festival Moscow! This year we will go down on May 4-6 of 2018. The festival will take place in crazy big Stadium Live Club in Moscow venue with spacious booths and splendid vibes! Get ready for a spectacular weekend packed with unique Russian hospitality, talented artists from all around the globe, unforgettable entertainment and great people.

About the booth

There are 3 typical types of booth available for your selection. Each booth comes with electricity, spot lamps (lights), a hanger and a bin. Local security and cleaning service are provided. You will be able to rent any additional equipment and furniture as well.

Booth#1 (4m2) Booth#2 (6m2) Booth#3 (8m2)
Tables 0,5 x 1,2m 1pcs.
0,7 x 0,7m 1pcs.
0,5 x 1,2m 1pcs.
0,7 x 0,7m 2pcs.
0,5 x 1,2m 2pcs.
0,7 x 0,7m 2pcs.
Chairs 3 pcs. 4 pcs. 5 pcs.
Spot lamps
1 pcs. 1 pcs. 2 pcs.
Power supply,
AC, 220V
1 pcs.
(3 sockets)
1 pcs.
(3 sockets)
2 pcs.
(2*3 sockets)
Booth Price 250 € 450 € 500 €


Every exhibitor has to pay the registration fee in amount of 50 ˆ. The fee is non refundable and includes:
PR (information about exhibitor will be published in printed catalogue of the event)
Accreditation cards and badges (booth#1 2pcs, booth#2 3pcs, booth#3 4pcs)
Expendable materials (garbage bags, containers for used needles, food film, paper towels etc.)
Festival material
Lunch for 3 day


It is allowed to distribute flesh-sets, t-shirts, costume jewelry, literature, magazines and piercing materials during the festival
(complete information related to distribution and wholesale, can be received on request).
Organizers reserve their right to select the booth place, which is allocated to the exhibitor.
Distribution of tattoo making equipment, materials and other professional goods should be negotiated with organizers.
Application becomes valid after receiving the registration fee and 50% deposit of the booth price from the exhibitor.
The balance to be paid by the 1st of March 2018